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Man killed in road accident, body dragged 25 km away 

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A 69-year-old man killed in a road accident while riding a bicycle on Phahonyonthin road in Lampang’s Thoen district and his body was dragged 25 kilometres away before being pulled out.

The incident happened at around 7.30pm on Friday (March 2) when police were alerted of a road accident involving a bicycle in Tambon Mae Thod in Thoen district. Police and rescue workers rushed to the scene and found a badly damaged bicycle lying on the side of the highway with blood traces and pieces of human flesh on the road.

But the bicycle rider couldn’t be found at the scene.

Thoen police then alerted police in nearby districts to check vehicles with traces of damages for suspected involvement in the accident.

About an hour later, police in the neighbouring Sop Prap district received a phone call from a driver of an inter-provincial bus, telling them he found a human body stuck at the left front wheels of the bus.

Prasit Sudsing, 43, the bus driver said he was driving on the Phahonyothin highway when he saw an object on the road in Thoen district. He couldn’t avoid that object in time and hit it.

Mr Prasit said he didn’t think that the object was  human so he didn’t stop the bus to check.

It was until he stopped to deliver passengers in Sop Prap district, about 25 kilometres away, it was found to be a human body stuck in the left front wheel.

Police was investigating how the accident happened.


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