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When is the next travel review – 12 potential green list countries ahead of announcement | Travel News | Travel

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The Government has categorised countries into a traffic light system in order to permit international travel as lockdown restrictions end. Classed as either green, amber or red countries response to the pandemic, vaccination efforts, ability to identity Covid variants and hospitalisations from the virus are all taken into account. Now with the final stage of lockdown pushed back by a month to July 19, what is next for holidays?

Countries on the red list would see entrants into the UK quarantine in a managed hotel, with two required Covid tests.

Returning from amber countries means arrivals must quarantine at home or in the place you are staying for 10 days.

They also need to take a COVID-19 test on or before day two and on or after day eight.

And for those returning to England from green list countries they must take a COVID-19 test on or before day two after they arrive.

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Ambassador to Greece, Kate Smith, told a tourism seminar she expected Brits to be able to visit the country soon.

She said: “As soon as conditions allow, we expect to see British tourists return to Greece.”

And some EU country’s islands could also make the cut, including

  • Canary Islands
  • Rhodes
  • Kos
  • Zante
  • Corfu
  • Crete

However, for those wishing to jet off to mainland Spain it may be some time before these countries make it to the green list.

Data has shown Spain’s average infection rate has dropped slightly, and over the last seven days 75 infections per 100,000 people were reported.

However cases are at 14 percent of the peak, with 5,087 new infections on average each day.

Italy’s infection rate over the last seven days is even lower at 20 per 100,000 according to the latest data.

Cases in Italy are at five percent of the peak, and are falling with 1,777 new infections reported on average each day.

Portugal – added to the amber list on June 8 – has recorded 43 infections per 100,000 over the past seven days, with Reuters reporting cases are at five percent of the peak, and rising.

In Portugal, 641 new infections are reported on average each day.

However, travel bosses are eager for more European countries to be added to the green list after more than a year of travel uncertainty.

EasyJet boss John Lundgren said: “You have a number of countries in Europe that are now on the amber list that should go into the green list.”

And Spain’s tourism minister, Fernando Valdes, has said he hopes at least parts of the country would be added to the green list.

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