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The best coffee shops in Kyoto

Written by Travel Adventures

In a place that celebrates the traditional tea ceremony, its caffeine rival is having a moment. And when it comes to coffee culture in Japan – as with most artisanal crafts – it is done with the utmost precision. Independent shops are popping up all over the ancient city, and while there is a slower pace when compared with Tokyo, the focus is still on appreciation of one’s time and the flavour of ingredients. There is a word in Japanese, gochisousama, which expresses sincere thanks to everyone involved in the preparation of a meal or drink – for coffee it’s from the soil to the farmers who grow the beans to the barista who made it – and the locals always keep this in mind, even on the go. Here are the must-hit coffee spots for single-origin pour-overs, frothy lattes and house-roasted blends in Japan’s cultural capital.

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