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Cabinet to mull spending for national reforms

The cabinet is to consider financial spending estimated at 700 billion baht for national reform covering 11 areas.

The 11 areas to be reformed are politics, economy, social, administration of state affairs, national resources, energy, law, public health, anti-corruption, justice process and mass communication.

All government units legally required to push for reforms must be ready incorporate their reform plans in the budget for 2019 fiscal year.

Starting from May, the government will launch the so-called “digital government” initially with doing away with the need of hard copies of all government officials, including ID card copies and the setup of 40,000 digital service centres.

Beginning in August, governmental units will scrap the use of ID card and house registration copies and by next January citizen feedback application will be applied.

At a meeting today (April 30), the reform steering committee has approved the plan for bureaucratic reform and plan for the improvement of efficiency of government services and a new format of development and innovations pertaining to the way to resolve forest encroachment.

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