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12 men who fired gun at a wedding ceremony surrender to police

Twelve of 14 men who fired gunshots into a roadside bushes during a wedding ceremony in Khao Chaison district of Phatthalung province on April 23 turned themselves in today (April 30) to the district police to acknowledge the charge of firing guns in public.

The suspects told the police they took turns to fire six guns into the bushes and they recorded video clips of the course of shooting in order to keep them as a memory.  They said they spent about 40 bullets in the shootings.

The six guns were also handed over to the police.

They also said the two others were travelling to upcountry provinces and would surrender in the near future.

Pol Col Trivit Sriprapa, the deputy commander of the provincial police, said although the suspects confessed and apologized for their brazen act, police would still charge them with firing guns in public without good reason.

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