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Premchai and three others to be indicted in court today

The Public Prosecution Region 7 will go ahead with the indictment of Italian-Thai Development Corporation president and chief executive Premchai Karnasuta in Thong Phaphum Provincial Court on six charges on Monday(Apr 30).

The indictment of Premchai on six charges, and 5-8 charges against three other accomplices,  was against 11 charges insisted earlier by the Royal Thai Police.

Three other accomplices included Yong Dodkhruea, Nathee Riamsaen and Thanee Thummart.

Spokesman for the Office of the Public Prosecution Region 7 Mr Somjet Amnuaysawat said on Monday that the Office of the Attorney General has reached its final decision to indict them on six charges and drop five other charges which the prosecutor and the police had different views.


The Italian-Thai Development president faces six charges – including having firearms in a public place, hunting protected wildlife species and possessing the carcasses of protected animals. The charge of illegally having firearms in a sanctuary has been dropped.

Mr Yong faces indictment on seven counts, the extra charge being possessing firearms in a sanctuary.

Ms Nathee faces five counts, the poaching charge was dropped, and Mr Thani eight, the additional charges being firearms possession and intent to hunt.

The spokesmam said however that the prosecutors have required them to pay compensation amounted to 3.012 million baht instead of 400,000 baht as police have proposed.

He said as for Mr Premchai’s petition for justices for additional interrogation of four park officials and one outsider, the prosecutors reasoned that the outsider was just a person who had no connection in the case but just a critics who voiced his opinions on news media, while four others have already been interrogated by police.

Therefore Mr Premchai’s  petition for justices was just to delay the prosecution process, he said.

The prosecutors would indict them in Thong Phaphum Provincial Court late today, he added.

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