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Mysterious submarine in Phuket just a US nuclear-powered submarine 

The surface of a mystery submarine on Sunday(Apr 29) has surprised local visitors and foreign tourists to Phuket with speculation that it was a Chinese submarine that Thailand has bought from China.

The sighting of the submarine was made by a Thai tourist on a fishing boat on the way back to shore in Phuket on Sunday.

He took the video of the submarine and posted on Twitter and Facebook page teambigkren, that went viral on the social media.

Many viewers said it might be a submarine Thailand recently bought from China last year but wondered why it was delivered so fast.

But this was later clarified by other viewers that it was a US Los Angeles class nuclear-powered fast attack submarine that took part in a joint excercuse with Thailand under the “Guardian Sea 2018” in Phuket to strengthen anti-submarine warfare capacity as well as military relations.

The joint exercise was launched last on April 25  and ended April 29.

Rear Admiral Banpoat Netkrachang, Frigate Squadron One Commander of the Royal Thai Fleet, presided over the launch of “Guardian Sea 2018” from the helicopter deck of HTMS Chakri Naruebet, which was docked at Ao Makham in Phuket.

The marine drill, which involved the Royal Thai Navy and the US Navy, aimed to enhance their anti-submarine warfare capabilities, maritime domain awareness and information sharing.

Guardian Sea featured several exercises, some of which were conducted with the use of an expendable mobile anti-submarine warfare training target (EMATT). Besides anti-submarine warfare, the drill also involved anti-surface and anti-air warfare activities.

In addition, there were seminars on various maritime topics and an exchange of personnel to observe the training.

The joint marine exercise ran for five days, coming to an end April 29. 

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