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Thief steals car with 3-year-old boy inside

42-year-old mother left her 3-year-old son in a car with engine on and came back only to find the car with the boy on board was stolen.

Saengkaeo Saengsenya parked her Honda City sedan in front of 7-Eleven store at Ploengchai housing estate in Muang district of Rayong and went inside the store, leaving her son in the running vehicle this morning (April 28).

She came out about 10 minutes later only to find her car and the toddler disappeared.

Mrs Saengkaeo shouted for help and returned to the store asking the sales staff to alert police as she also left her mobile phone inside the car.

She asked them to post on social media seeking help from viewers to look for the stolen car with the toddler inside.

Fortunately, a woman and also a Facebook user came across a kid walking alone and recognised he was the toddler whose mother was looking for on Facebook.

She immediately alerted police who later arrived and brought him to his mom waiting at the police station.

The police combed the area and found the stolen car parked inside the temple.

Several coins and kid socks were scattered on the ground indicating the thief tried to ransack the car for valuables.

The thief then locked the car and escaped in hurry.

Police said the thief has taken away the car key, forcing the police to find a key expert to unlock the key to conduct forensic inspection of the car to find the thief.


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