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Khon Kaen police suspect cables pulled down by a truck

Khon Kaen police are looking for a truck driver after suspecting he was responsible for the dangling telecom cable that killed a female motorcyclist on April 25.

Superintendent of Khon Kaen police station Pol Col Chamlong Suwaluck said after police investigators have looked through footages of CCTV cameras at the vicinity and believed a truck running past the area brought down the telecom cable.

The driver could be charged for reckless driving that caused death to other, he said.

He said further that the police could not get levy charge on a cable company as they needed to have more technical information from experts to decide if the cable was properly laid according to standards.

But the cable company has approached the police and relatives of the victim as a show of responsibility.

The victim, Maneenet Charoen-ngao, 40, was riding her motorbike on Lao Nadee road in Khon Kaen municipality and, out of a sudden, she struck a dangling cable apparently not seeing it and fell to her death on the road.

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