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Police probe motorcyclist’s death linked to dangling cable

Khon Kaen’s Muang district police are coordinating with the provincial electricity authority to find out who is to be held accountable for a dangling telecom cable which led to the death of a female motorcyclist on Wednesday (April 25).

The victim, Maneenet Charoen-ngao was riding her motorbike toward the Kaen Nakhon park and, out of a sudden, she struck a dangling cable apparently not seeing it and fell to her death on the road.

Pol Cpt Singha Hong-on, the deputy inquiry inspector of Muang district police who is in charge of the case, on Thursday inspected the scene of the accident in front of Kaen Nakhon Wittayalai School and collected the cable for closer examination.

In the meantime, he said he would ask for video footages from CCTV system around the scene of the accident for examination to find out how the cable had fallen down and left dangling over the road – whether a truck had brought the cable down.

He said he had coordinated with electricity authority officials to find out who installed the cable.

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