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Foundation for Consumers wants FDA to scrap online registration of products

Foundation for Consumers secretary-general Saree Aongsomwang on Thursday (April 26) called on the Food and Drug Administration to stop online registration of cosmetic products in order to ease the problem of counterfeiting or substandard cosmetics.

She also urged the FDA to allow the public to have access to information about the permits and details about products so that they will know that the products are not over-advertised or their quality exaggerated from those declared with the FDA.

Ms Saree said cosmetic producers should be required to register their products directly with the FDA so that officials could get hold of documents about the producers and the locations of their cosmetic factories.

She also urged celebrities and net idols to be responsible when they serve as product presenters by not over-advertising the quality of the products and also to try to find out whether the products they present are licensed by the FDA.

She noted that in some countries a review of a product such as cosmetic could only be allowed after the product has been tested by the presenters for at least six months.

In the case of Magic Skin cosmetics and food supplement products, she said that celebrities who worked as the company’s product presenters should be held accountable for misleading the public about the products.

The fact that there is a FDA label on a product does not guarantee that the product is safe and legal because several unscrupulous producers have used the FDA labels of the other products for their products.

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