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Buoys erected around a beach in Hua Hin in preparation for the placing of anti-shark net

Buoys have placed around the beach at Haad Sai Noi in Hua Hin district where a Norwegian tourist was attacked by a bull shark last week.

On Wednesday, officials of the Marine Resources Conservation Unit, military personnel from Thanarath camp and fishermen helped erect buoys around Haad Sai Noi beach before Gilnets are placed to form a safe swimming zone to prevent shark attacks.

Officials said that the erection of buoys was just a preparation to determine the proper location of a swimming area before anti-shark net is to be placed under water.

Mr Bannarak Sermthong, an official of the Marine and Coastal Resources Management Office Zone 4, said that the swimming zone would be about 60 metres from the shoreline which is about three metres deep and about 200 metres long running parallel to the beach.

He said the rock formations on both sides of the supposedly swimming area would not be covered by the anti-shark net so that bull sharks could still swim to search for food.

He maintained that the anti-shark net would prevent shark attacks for the safety of swimmers and, at the same time, must not interrupt with the feed ground of the bull sharks.







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