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Chiang Mai people to rally against judges’ housing project on Sunday

Opponents against judges’ housing project at Doi Suthep will hold a rally at Tha Pae Gate this coming Sunday (April 29) to convey a message to the judiciary about how the people of Chiang Mai think about the project.

Organizers, led by Doi Suthep Conservation Network, today (April 25) sought permission from Chiang Mai police as required by the Public Assembly Act. They said the event would be peaceful and legitimate and would take just half a day.

They claimed that several groups of people, members of civil society, lecturers and students of Chiang Mai University would join the demonstration.

Meanwhile today, Mr Nikom Putta, head of the Mae Ping conservation group, started a five-day hunger strike at the entrance to the housing project at the foot of Doi Suthep mountain in Mae Rim district.

He said his solo hunger strike was intended to call on all parties in the conflict to come together to resolve their difference in a peaceful and compassionate manner.

As a prelude to the mass rally, opponents against the controversial housing project have adorned their shops and houses with green ribbons to symbolize their opposition against the project and their demand for the houses to be demolished.

Monks in Chiang Mai will make a statement about their position on Friday.

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