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Legal action urged for a musical band in dresses  imitating Buddhist monks at a stage show 

The dean monk in Ayutthaya province has called for legal action against a musical band performing show with its musicians dressed in Buddhist monk ropes.

The show was an insult to the religion and hurt the feeling of most Buddhists, said the dean monk Phra Khru Anukulsasanakij, also abbot of Salapoon Woraviharn temple in Ayutthaya province.

His call came as a video clip of  the heart-pounding    musical performance of a  band, TomDee Music, at an ordination ceremony in  province, was posted and went viral on the Internet.

The clip showed musicians dressing in Buddhist monk robes playing and dancing on the stage.

Many viewers voiced the show as inappropriate as members of the band dressed like Buddhist monks.

The dean monk asked relevant government agencies to take legal action against the band.

Meanwhile the musical band from Phichit province has come out to apologise the host for the inappropriate dressing during the show at the ordination ceremony.

On the post at the same Facebook page which posted the video clip, the band said the show was held on April 22 in Kampaeng Phet province. But comments from many viewers continued to pour in.

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