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Mor Saeng’s herbal medicine proven ineffective in killing cancer cells

Mor Saeng’s herbal medicine cannot stoop cancerous cells from spreading although it help boost the quality of life of cancer patients, according to the Public Health Ministry.

Dr Narong Apikulwanich, deputy director-general of the Department of Medical Service announced today (April 24) the result of the laboratorial tests of the herbal medicine concocted by Mr Saengchai Haelerttrakul, alias Mor Saeng, with the cancerous cells of breast, liver, lung, intestine and stomach cancer.

Dr Narong said the test result showed that the herbal medicine could not kill the cancerous cells and could not stop the cancerous cells from spreading.  However, Mor Saeng’s herbal medicine could help improve the quality of life of the cancer patients.

Asked whether the herbal medicine would be tested on animals or human beings, Dr Narong said agencies concerned would have to consider the issue first and this process would take some time.

He said that parallel treatment using both modern medicine and alternative medicine would be the best option for the patients.

Noting that the result announced today by the department was just a result from test in tubes, Mr Saengchai, a certified Thai traditional medicine practitioner, claimed that his herbal medicine was effective against cancer and it had already been tested with cancer patients with the consent from their relatives.

He vowed to carry on with his intention to distribute his herbal medicine free of charge to cancer patients unless there is an order from the Department for Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine for him to stop the distribution.

He insisted that every time he distributed his medicine he would suggest the recipients not to abandon modern medicine treatment.

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