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Two killed and five seriously injured in road accident in Songkhla

Two people were killed and five others seriously injured when a pickup truck crashed into a motorcycle with a sidecar and turned over on a road in Singha Nakhon district of Songkhla province on Sunday (April 22).

Quoting eyewitness accounts, Singha Nakhon district police said that the sidecar which carried five people of the same family, including the driver, tried to make a U-turn to the other side of the Songkhla-Ranot road and then a pickup truck which was following the side car in close range failed to stop and slammed into it.

The force of the impact flung all the five family members out of the sidecar onto the road in different directions.  Two people in the sidecar, Atthapol Tohmud, 21 and Thirapong Poodpong, 10, died at the scene. Three others identified as Mrs Wanna Poodpong, Ms Thananan Poodpong, 23 and Ms Kanokwan Petcharat, 3, were seriously injured.

The pickup truck turned over before it smasked into a power pole which collapsed.  The couple in the vehicle, Mr Kamsing Tapsong, and his wife, Mrs Prathum sustained serious injuries.

All the injured and the dead victims were later rushed to Singha Nakorn district hospital.

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