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Chiang Mai residents launch social sanction against judges

Chiang Mai residents who oppose the judges’ housing project in Doi Suthep mountain have launched a social sanction against the judges and officials of the 5th Region Appeals Court who move in to stay there.

The social sanction has manifested in the social media and in notice boards put up in front of restaurants and in grocery shops as well as green wristbands.

At one restaurant, one notice board reads:  “This restaurant does not welcome people who destroyed forest.  Joining hands to reclaim the forest of Doi Suthep”.

A post in the social media reads:  “Stay on if you can! Let see who will outlive the other between the people of Chiang Mai and the people in the village in denuded forest.  If you think you can put up with the social current of Chiang Mai people, stay on as you wish. We will not socialize with the people in the village..”

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