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Three girls wounded by stray bullets

Police are looking for a gunman who fired gunshots during a wedding procession in Nakhon Nayok’s Muang district this morning (April 22), resulting to three young girls sustaining bullet wounds.

The three sisters were identified as Kannikar Boonchu, 10 who sustained injury on the right knee, Kanokwan, 5, who was injured on the left buttock and Sukanya, 3 who sustained injury on the right leg.

The victims’ mother, Mrs Kamonrat, told Muang Nakhon Nayok district police that she brought her three children to watch a wedding procession when it passed through their house.

Out of a sudden, there were gunshots and then screams for help from her three daughters, said Mrs Kamonrat, adding that she immediately informed the organizer of the wedding party to rush the three children to Nakhon Nayok hospital.


Police said they were investigating who fired the gunshots.  They said the person who fired the gunshots in public is liable to ten years imprisonment and/or 20,000 baht fine.

In this case, the gunman will face an additional charge of firing gunshots, causing injury to the other people which is liable to one month jail term and/or 10,000 baht fine.

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