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German passenger faces charge after making a bomb hoax on Nok Air flight

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A German passenger of a Nok Air’s flight scheduled to leave Loei province for Bangkok this morning (​April 20) was escorted to Muang Loei police station to face charge after he allegedly said there was a bomb in his baggage.

The German’s claim forced the captain of Nok Air’s Flight DD9705 which was scheduled to leave Loei airport at 10.30 am to ask all passengers on board to disembark and all the baggage to be removed from the plane’s cargo bay for examination.

It was reported that all the passengers remained calm and were cooperative with the captain’s order to leave the plane.

After thorough checking of all the baggage and hand-carried bags which were cleared of any explosives, the plane managed to leave one hour afterward.  It arrived at Don Meuang airport at about 12.40 pm.

Meanwhile, airport security officials escorted the 49-year-old German passenger to Muang Loei police station where a complaint was filed against him by a Nok Air official.


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