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New lottery law seeks jailterm for overpricing of lottery tickets

Overpricing of lottery tickets will be liable to a maximum one-month jailterm and/or a fine of 10,000 baht instead of a 2,000-baht fine under an amended Government Lottery Office Act approved by the Cabinet on Tuesday (April 17).

The amended law also seeks to ban the sale of lottery tickets in educational institutes and to people less than 20 years old.  The penalty for violators is similar to that for lottery overpricing.

Altogether 17 sections of the existing GLO Act were amended.  But the essence of the amendments concerns the allocation of lottery revenue, with 60 percent of the revenue from the sale of lottery tickets for each draw to be allocated as prize money; 22 percent to be sent to the state coffers; 17 percent as management fees.

Two percent of the revenue will go to associations and organizations and one percent to a fund for social development.

Twelve percent of the management fees will be discount given to lottery vendors or the retailers instead of 7 percent as it is now.  

“This means that a vendor who sells lottery at 80 baht apiece will in the future get 9.60 baht price difference instead of 5.60 baht,” said Col Boonsong Chansri, deputy director of the GLO.

He added that the amended law would allow the GLO to issue new products for sale which could be Lotto or online lottery.  However, the said the matter had yet to be studied.

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