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Meechai believes new parties offer new alternative for voters

New political parties will offer more options for the voters, but whether they will succeed in attracting their votes or not will depend on their policy platforms and the quality of the new politicians, said Mr Meechai Ruchupan, chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee, on Sunday.

Claiming that people have changed a lot and that many of them have not attached importance to veteran politicians, he said he believed voters would look for the quality and reputation of the candidates and, for that matter, he expected to see something new emerging in the upcoming election.

Pointing out at a new method of balloting that there will be one single ballot to be casted, he said that voters would have to think twice before casting their ballots.

Asked about suggestions by some young blood politicians seeking to amend the constitution, Meechai said they had to right to make the suggestions, but he cautioned that they must clearly specify which provisions or which parts of the charter they would like to amend after the election.

Any parties which can make the country prosper and the people happy will be able to attract votes from the people, said the CDC chairman, adding that he would like new parties to attach importance to national and public interest before their own vested interests.

As for the election, he said he was confident that the election roadmap with the poll to be held in February next year would remain unchanged.


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