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Vietnamese para-glider seriously injured in glider accident

A Vietnamese para-glider sustained serious injuries after she crashed into a cliff face as a result of sudden strong wind in Si Khieu district of Nakhon Ratchasima province today (Saturday).

The victim was among some 150 para-gliders from 10 countries namely China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and Thailand participating in the international para-gliding meeting and training during April 6- 15 hosted by the Thai Para-gliding Association at Khao Sadao in Si Khieu district.

About 50 officials and villagers launched a search for Ms Run, the Vietnamese para-glider after she lost control of her para-glider which eventually crashed into a 300-metre cliff.

After about 5-hour search, the search team found her lying amid bamboo shrubs with a broken left leg and a fractured left collarbone and bruises on her body.

She was later to the district hospital for medical treatment.

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