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Water battle continues today in Khao San and Silom 

Thai New Year or Songkran celebration resumed in full force again on Saturday(Apr 13) for the third straight day, especially on Khao San Road, with thousands of both local and foreign heavily equipped  with water guns firing at each other under the heat of the summer sun.

Revelers entering the battle ground on Khao San road still have to pass through security checks by police.

Metropolitan police said they  are stepping up on security and banning the sale of alcoholic beverages so as to ensure revelers play with funs and happiness.

They will patrol the celebration area and its vicinity starting from Chakrabhongse Road, Ratchadamnoen Klang, Rammabutri, Tanao and Kraisri which have been deemed the Five Safety Zones where they said  security is particular more vigilantly conducted.

The police have asked revelers to refrain from wearing jewelry and to take care of their  mobile phones as pick pocketing is usually rampant in crowded festivities areas.

Today was the third  day of the Songkran Festivities on Khao San road where hundreds of thousands of people, both tourists and locals alike, gather to partake in the biggest splash party of the year.

The Khao San Road Business Association has  launched this year’s Thai New Year Celebrations under the theme, Celebrating and Commemorating Thailand’s Culture & Tradition.

As is the tradition of the festivities,  a number of vendors still set up stalls to sell the ever popular and essential water guns, as well as food and drinks for revelers.

Khao San Road is one of the most popular celebration areas in the capital for both locals and tourists keen to participate in rampant water splashing as is the tradition of the Songkran festivities.

Authorities will shut the water  splashing battles in Khao San at 9 pm every day until 15 April 2018.

Meanwhile at another popular spot, Silom Road, the atmosphere today remained robust as  local and foreign tourists passing screening areas before  entering the battle fields.

Celebrants will be searched to prevent the bringing of the prohibited items into the festival including weapons and alcoholic drinks.

Organiser of the festivities in Silom financial district of Bangkok highlighted safe Songkran without alcohol this year.

Local and foreign celebrants crowded the one kilometer long of Silom road yesterday, the first day of the closure of Silom road for the Songkran festival.

Celebration went in full force  during the evening  when the summer heat was slowly dropping in temperatures.

For Saturday, more fun is expected during the night.

Several celebrants were seen wearing traditional costume as encouraged by the government to wear traditional attire in celebrating the Thai traditional New Year.

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