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Air force officer fined 2,000 baht for slapping pregnant woman in the face

An Air Force officer based at the 23rd Fleet in Udon Thani province was fined 2,000 baht after he was charged for slapping a Bangkok office employee in the face following a traffic dispute.

Pilot officer Polkrit Chantaka, 50, was summoned to Thalee district office to hear the charge for slapping Ms Wanida Kham-on, 32, in the face on April 11 following a driving dispute in Thalee district.

Wanida was also present at the district office after both were summoned by the district chief officer for a compromise as the offence was not serious.

Thalee district police chief Pol Visarut Komathat  said the district chief  officer offered himself to negotiate a compromise after both the Air Force officer and the pregnant office employee are residents on Thalee district.

Pilot officer Polkrit agreed to apologise Ms Wanida for the assault while she accepted his apology with “wai”.

Polkrit who was accompanied by his wife was later fined 2,000 baht for the assault which was a minor crime and could be compromised with no criminal charge filed.

After the fine, the officer left immediately without giving interview to a number of news journalist gathering at the district office to witness the compromise.

Ms Wanida said she felt better and relieved after the dispute ended peacefully.

She said now she would be happy to return to work in Bangkok without any worry.

She also said she appreciated the officer to be a respected elder who agreed to apologise her who is minor.

The incident went viral on the internet after a  video clip of a man claiming himself to be a military officer slapping in the face of a woman driver following a driving dispute.

The woman was heard to say sorry for her driving but the man didn’t stop and approached to slap her in the face.

The man accused her after she didn’t switch on signal lights as she was making turn.

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