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Female student who posed naked on a bridge in Kalasin fined 1,000 baht

A female student of a university in Maha Sarakham has been fined 1,000 baht by Kalasin police after she posed naked for photo shooting on a bridge in Kalasin and one of the images was leaked on the social media, provoking a public uproar.

The 22-year old university student and her 23-year old boyfriend, also a student of the same university in Maha Sarakham, who took her photos, were nabbed by Kalasin police and questioned at the provincial police office.

The incident took place on the night of April 4 in the middle of Thepsuda bridge straddling over the Lampaodam in Kalasin’s Sahatkhan district.  It prompted Kalasin governor Kraisorn Kongchalard to order to police to investigate to find out the naked woman posted on the social media.

The police investigating team finally managed to track down the female student and to make the arrest together with her boyfriend.

The two students told the police during the questioning that they saw no one of the bridge and the male student took pictures of his girlfriend naked in the middle of the bridge.

They claimed that they were drunk and they took the pictures just for fun and didn’t know how some of them were leaked out on the social media.  They also offered a public apology, especially to residents of Sahatkhan district.

Police charged the female student with committing a shameful act by exposing her body in public – an offence liable to 5,000 baht fine.  But police decided to fine her 1,000 baht and released her as well as her boyfriend.

After the arrest of the two students, Kalasin governor reminded parents to closely look after their children and to warned them to stay away from alcohol.



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