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First day of Songkran claims 39 lives and 461 injuries in road accident

Thirty nine people were killed and 461 injured on the first of the “seven dangerous days” of the Songkran traditional New Year holiday travel on the country’s roads, officials said on Thursday (Apr 12)

According to the National Road Safety Center, the first day of the “seven dangerous days” from April 11-17, has now claimed 39 lives and 461 injuries in a total of 447 traffic accidents in a single day.

Drink driving remained the cause of most accidents or 40.49%, followed by speeding 26.62%.

Motorcycles are vehicles that involved in most traffic accidents or 81.96%, while most accidents happened on straight section of highways or 61.30%, secondary roads 39.15%, and rural roads 38.48%.

The centre said most accidents happened between 4.00pm– 20.00pm.

It said most dead and injured victims aged 50 and over, or 28.40%.

It said a total of 2,031 traffic checkpoints manned by 65,413 officials were set up, and 678,566 vehicles were ordered checked.

A total of 128,260 persons were booked for traffic violations, breaking down to 35,582 for not wearing helmets, and 35,090 for driving unsafe motorcycles.

Chiang Rai was recorded with highest traffic accidents (18 cases), and highest injuries (18 persons).

The provinces with highest death toll are Aumnart Charoen (2 cases), Loei (2 cases), Nakhon Si Thammarat (2 cases), Nakhon Panom (2 cases), Buri Ram (2 cases), Chon Buri (2 cases), and Phetchabun (2 cases).

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