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Russian woman rescued from drowning in Samui sea by jetski rescuers

A Russian female tourist was yesterday (Apr 11) rescued by jetski rescuers at Chaweng beach in Koh Samui after she was sucked into the sea by strong waves and was almost exhausted trying to swim back to shore.

According to jetski rescuers on the beach, they heard the Russian tourist, identified later as Alla Khanee, crying for help as she was trying to swim back to shore amid the strong waves.

They immediately drove to the scene and managed to pull her from the waves, and brought her back to recover on sands.

According to jetski operators, there had been 5 or 6 rescues over the last couple of days as high waves and shifting sands made the sea dangerous.

Despite warning signs, tourists were still going into the sea.

They said that jetski rescuers on the beach were warning people not to go swimming out of their depth and to obey the red-flag warnings.

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