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Ban of high-powered water guns during Songkran festival issued

The Office of the Consumers Protection Commission on Wednesday warned traders not to sell high-powered water guns as they could cause injuries to bodies and eyes.

Violators could face imprisonment of up to maximum of five years, and a fine of 500,000 baht at maximum.

The commission’s deputy secretary-general Mr Pikanet Tapuang said during the Songkran festival, traders have been asked for cooperation to not selling high pressure water guns which were made of PVC pipes as these water guns could pose threat to body parts and eyes.

He said these PVC water guns had been banned for sale 10 years ago.

As a precautionary measure, he said the office has sought cooperation from the police to recheck and prevent the sale of these water guns again during the water festival.

He said producers and importers of these high pressure water guns could face 10 years imprisonment, and a fine of up to one million baht.

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