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PM clarifies retirement age is not extended yet

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha clarified today (Tuesday) that the government has not extended the mandatory retirement age of governments from 60 to 63, but merely wanted to retain the service of retiring officials in certain areas where there is a shortage of manpower such as doctors and academics.

An announcement of the Prime Minister’s Office published in the Royal Gazette website on April 6 states that the mandatory retirement age will be extended from 60 to 63 and this will be implemented in six-year period.

“Please do not use the word “extension” of retirement age, but please use ‘hiring of people who are competent to work in their capacity as advisors or resource persons such as surgeons who have extensive experiences,” said the prime minister, adding that officials in the lower echelon may be worried because they may miss promotions if the tenures of their superiors are extended beyond retirement age.

He went on saying that the extension of mandatory retirement age was the brainchild of the National Reform Committee and the issue is not final yet because the government has to listen to opinions from all stakeholders.

The prime minister said that not all the reform plans proposed by the National Reform Committee could be implemented immediately because there must be rules and regulations which are yet to be drawn up.



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