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Speeding bus kills labour official inspecting double-decker bus crash scene

A speeding bus running down the slope section of Mae Sot-Tak highway slammed into a police car and road barrier, killing one official and injuring another who were inspecting the scene of fatal bus crash that killed six Myanmar migrant workers.

The repeated bus crash at the same location where the double-decker bus still rested on its side on the ditch in Muang district of Tak happened at about 10.30am on Tuesday (April 10).

Highway authorities at the scene said the bus with no passengers was running down the slope section with speed and was swaying severely before veering through the traffic barriers erected to warn motorists of the presence of officials inspecting the bus crash scene.

Manida Thankitrungroj, a senior specialist attached to Tak labour office, was killed at the scene, while another person was injured.

Authorities said the bus was running down with speed and might develop brake failure.

Speed limit was set at 40 kilometre/hour at the spot but the driver suspected to drive faster than the limit.

The driver was detained by police.

Meanwhile,  a land transport official said the double-decker bus that crashed and killed six Myanmar workers and injured 30 others last night (April 9) was detected to be running at 109 milometres along the way on Highway 12, above the 90 km limit.

Its speed while running down the slope was detected by GPS monitoring device at 70 kilometres, he said.

Police charged the bus driver, Pisit Tanapakpasit, for speeding and reckless driving causing deaths and injuries to others.

Mr Pisit claimed that the bus braking system didn’t function as he was driving downhill.

He decided to slide the side of the bus with the road barriers to delay the speed but couldn’t make it.

The bus crashed the barriers and fell into the ditch five metres below, he said.

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