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Manhunt launched for 6 suspected bombers in Su-ngai Kolok blasts

Military officials and police in Narathiwat launched manhunt for six men suspected of involvement in bomb explosions at three residential areas in Su-ngai Kolok district, injuring 13 people on Monday night (April 9).

Security officials were looking into surveillance cameras to trace the escape routes of six men suspected of parking motorcycle with bombs at three locations in Su-ngai Kolok district. The three spots are Nimo Karaoke,  Plaza hotel, and Phichet foodshop on Prachawiwat Soi 3 road.

The bombs later went off almost simultaneously after the men walked away from the parked vehicles. CCTV footages show they were picked up by their colleagues in motorcycles and fled.

Security official said the men wore raincoats to conceal their faces.


All of the 13 people injured in the bomb attacks are now in safe conditions.

The bomb attacks have scared away tourists who planned to visit the town and join the local food festival during the Songkran festival. They have cancelled their room reservations after feeling unsafe.

Meanwhile, authorities have stepped up security at maximum level in the Deep South as today (April 10) is the founding day of Barisan Revolusi National Congress (BRN-Congress) separatist group.

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