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A volunteer sustains serious injuries when a bomb hidden under his car exploded

A defence volunteer was seriously injured when a bomb hidden under his car parked in the garage of his house Pattani’s Yaring district exploded as he switched on the car’s engine Monday afternoon.

The victim, 36-year old Ismail Jehtae, sustained serious injuries from the bomb blast and he was quickly rushed to the district hospital by his family members.  After being given initial treatment, he was sent to Pattaniprovincial hospital for further treatment.

Police said that Ismail returned home late Sunday night after having finished his duty.  At about 3 pm today, he was about to report to work as usual, but when he switched on the car’s engine, a bomb which was hidden under the car automatically detonated.  He went unconscious behind the steering wheel with blood oozing out of the lower part of his body.

Pol Maj-Gen Piyawat Chalermsri, commander of Pattani provincial police, ordered police force to be scattered within one-kilometre radius of the victim’s house to look for suspected militants who might be hiding there.

He said it was suspected that militants might sneak into the garage during the night before and placed an improvised bomb weighing about 10 kgs beneath the car.  The bomb would go off automatically when the car moved.



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