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The judiciary wants the prime minister to resolve the Doi Suthep housing saga

The executive committee of the judiciary has decided to refer the controversial housing project in Doi Suthep mountain to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to decide.

In a press statement issued today (Monday) after the meeting of the executive committee, the Office of the Judiciary said that the executive committee had instructed the office to obtain the opinions of all stakeholders which would be used to solve the confliction a just and peaceful manner, with full awareness of co-existence between humans and environment and natural resources.

The executive committee also ordered the Office of the Judiciary to file detailed report about the housing project and its background to the prime minister for consideration and is ready to accept any decision made by the government to resolve this controversy.

The press statement gave a background report about the project dating back to the year 1997 when the Justice Ministry then instructed the Office of Region 5 chief justice to ask for a 106-rai land plot from the 7th artillery battalion for the construction of a housing project.

Two years afterward, the 33rd Army Circle granted permission to the judiciary for the use of the land plot as requested.  In 2004, the army circle notified the Office of Judiciary of its permission for the judiciary to use 147 rai of land for the construction of the office building of Region 5 Appeals Court and housing units for the judges and officials.  Permission for the use of the land was also granted by Chiang Mai governor and the Treasury Department.

With permission granted from authorities concerned, the Office of Judiciary proceeded with the project by seeking funding from the government and choosing builders for altogether three projects estimated at 955 million baht.

The first project concerns the construction of the office building of Region 5 Appeals Court.  The second project overs the construction of 38 housing units and 36 condominium units.  The third covers nine housing units and 64 condominium units.

The Office of Judiciary claimed that all the trees with diameter of 30 cm and upward on the land plot were not felled but dug out and replanted elsewhere.


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