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Art teacher kicks off quiet charity run to raise money for hospital

An art teacher at Yothinburana co-education secondary government school in Bangkok has started a quiet charity run from Thong Phaphum district of Kanchanaburi province to Bangkok to raise funds for Thong Phaohum hospital.

Nattawat Rojsuthee, 35, said in fact he started running since April 3 to raise funds for the hospital which is still running short of several necessary medical equipment for life saving.

He said his quiet charity run was inspired by his previous work as a volunteer to help poor students in Sangkhlaburi and Thong Phaphum districts of Kanchanaburi.

During the work for the volunteer project, he said he learned that the students had suffered great hardship when they became sick but couldn’t get medical treatment at district hospitals which are running short of medical equipments.

They had to travel a long way to hospital in the town to get treatment, he said.

This promoted him to think of a charity run to raise money for the two hospitals to buy necessary equipments.

As he was neither a social idol nor a well-known people, he merely intended to raise only 50,000-60,000 baht first to buy digital prenatal listening device for the hospital.

However he said if money raised was over the initial target, he would spend the remainder for other medical equipment necessary for life saving.

Latest report said doctor from Thong Phaphum hospital who accompanied him on the charity run has advised to take one day rest yesterday As he suffered muscle pain on his thigh.

But he is still running today as he told the reporter that his pain is gradually relieved.

He now has raised 1.3 million baht from the run which began on April 3.

He intended to finish the run on April 14 at his destination at Yothinburana school in Bangkok.


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