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Insurance commission urges holiday makers to join 10-baht premium insurance campaign

The Office of Insurance Commission (OIC) has urged holiday makers to join a travel insurance package campaign which has a low premium of 10 baht but with compensation amounting to 50,000-100,000 baht for a 30-day protection during the Songkran festival.

OIC secretary-general Sutthipol Thaweechaikarn

The insurance package was revealed by the OIC secretary-general Sutthipol Thaweechaikarn yesterday.

Under the campaign which was collaborated by 10 business operators, four life insurance companies and 10 general insurance companies, he said the insured would be provided coverages in two cases.

A 100,000-baht compensation for accident-related death, and 50,000 baht for amputations or permanent disabilities.

In case of death resulted from treatment of injuries, a 5,000 baht funeral cost will be given by the insurance company. And in case of receiving treatment at hospital over 5 days, the insurance company will cover hospital expenses for three months.

He said the insurance policy has a duration of 30 days while the age of the insured will be from 20 to 70 years in a bid to entice more people to get insured.

He expected the insurance campaign during the festival would attract over a million holiday makers to join, or 70,000 higher than last year’s campaign.

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