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116 workers seeking jobs in South Korea were turned back by immigration in March

A total of 159 job seekers hoping to find jobs in South Korea, were stopped from leaving the country in March alone by immigration officials at the Suvarnabhumi international airport after it was suspected that they were duped by employment brokers.

Employment Service Department director-general Anurak Tossarak said Sunday that of the 159 job seekers, 116 of them who included 58 men and 58 women wanted to go to South Korea believing that they would get jobs with high pays there as promised by their brokers.

The rest of the job seekers were promised jobs in Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic and United Arab Emirates, he added.

Mr Anurak disclosed that the employment racketeers often resorted to the social media such as Facebook, Line or Instagram to lure job seekers or used residents of the same neighbourhoods who were duped and sent back to approach the job seekers with jobs of attractive pays in the farm, factories or in service sector.

In order to go overseas to work legally, he explained that the job seekers must be issued with work permits, employment contracts which were approved by authorities of the host countries and of Thailand.

Job seekers with a tourist visa cannot work legally, he said and suggested job seekers to check with labouroffices in their respective provinces or the Employment Service Department or call 1506 hotline for information.

He disclosed that in March, a total of 7,120 went abroad to work or for job training, with the bulk of them, 3,316, going to Taiwan, followed by 735 to Israel, 606 to South Korea and 370 to Japan.

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