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Detainee’s parent petition Pattani Court to look into alleged torture by authorities

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Parent of a man detained after a bomb incident petitioned the Pattani Provincial Court on Friday (April 6) to look into alleged torture of their son by authorities at Ingkhayutthaborihan military camp in Pattani province.

The petition was made to the court by Mrs Supawadee Sawari, a lawyer at the Yala Muslim Attorney Centre.

According to the lawyer, Muhamaidi Samir was detained on March 14 by security authorities following the Jan 22 bomb attack at Phimonchai railway market in Yala province that killed three people and injured several others.

He was later detained for interrogation under the Emergency Decree at the interrogation centre inside Ingkhayutthaborihan military camp.

Mr Muhamaidi’s parent sought legal help from the Muslim Attorney Centre after they visited him at the detention centre and found that he was in “unusual condition”. They suspected their son was tortured by authorities.

The parent asked the court to question authorities at the military camp and ordered the release of Mr Muhamaidi.

The court accepted the petition and ordred chief of the interrogation centre at Ingkhayutthaborihan military camp to appear at the first hearing at the court on April 9.

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