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Crown Property Bureau cancels land lease contracts with Royal Turf Club

The Crown Property Bureau (CPB) has scrapped land lease contracts with the Royal Turf Club (RTC), putting an end to the 102-year-old horse racing course in Nang Loeng which dated back to the reign of King Rama VI.

A letter of notification, dated April 4, has been sent by Mr Anun Vaividhya, head of the CPB’s legal affairs department,to the chairman of the board of the Royal Turf Club, explaining the need of the bureau to use the land and building where the RTC is located.

The letter states that the three land lease contracts have expired for quite some time and the CPB has decided not to extend the contracts.

The RTC board was told by the CPB to move out all its belongings and personnel from the horse racing course land and buildings and to hand over the property, which is located on Phitsanulok Road in Bangkok’s Dusit district, back to the bureau within 180 days as from the date of the serving of the notification.

Also, the board was told to settle any outstanding land rental fees and taxes.

According to Mr Anun, the RTC board has promised full cooperation with the bureau.

The land was leased to the Royal Turf Club which was established in 1916 during the reign of King Rama VI and it was turned into a horse racing course to raise fund supposedly to promote horse breeding in the country. 

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