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GLO to hold public hearings on its plan to issue lottery tickets in sets

The Government Lottery Office (GLO) will hold public hearings to gauge the views of lottery buyers, vendors and non-governmental organizations about its plan to issue lottery tickets in sets for sale.

GLO spokesman Thanawat Polvichai said Thursday (April 5) that the GLO is open to opinions of lottery buyers, estimated to number 20 million, about 100,000 lottery vendors nationwide and over 100 NGOs regarding the lottery tickets in sets.

Questions to be asked from these respondents include what types of lottery sets they like and where they are to be sold, he said, adding that the GLO would shortlist into 2-3 options to be proposed to the board for consideration.

He disclosed that, so far, the GLO have received opinions from about 1,000 respondents with over 65 percent of them wanting the GLO to issue lottery tickets in sets for distribution with two proposed models of set lottery tickets – one ticket which costs 400 baht and five-ticket sets at 400 baht each.

Mr Thanawat said that, during April-May, GLO officials would be scattered across the country to observe the sale of lottery tickets and also to gauge the views of buyers and vendors about lottery tickets in sets.

After the GLO starting issuing lottery tickets in sets, he believes that it will not be easy for lottery agents to arrange lottery tickets in sets by themselves because the GLO plans to charge only 350 baht for a set of five tickets.

In recent months, lottery agents have arranged lottery tickets in sets of 2, 3, 5 and even up to 15 for sale to vendors to make extra profits and vendors charge their buyers normally at 100 baht apiece instead of 80 baht apiece as shown in the tickets to circumvent GLO’s overpricing ban.

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