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40 pro-election group activists indicted in Dusit Court

40 pro-election group activists indicted in Dusit Court
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State prosecutors today indicted 40 activists and lecturers in the Dusit District Court for the February 10 political rally that was considered defying the military junta’s ban on political assembly.

A total of 41 activists from the so-called pro-election group were accused of violating the junta’s order when they held a rally at the Democracy Monument in February 10 calling on the military junta to step down and to have election within this year.

They were summoned to appear at the court today to hear charges that the state prosecutors will levy on them in the court.

Only one activist did not  show up and his  lawyer has sought permission to defer appearance to the next hearing.

Over a dozen of police were deployed to keep peace and order as a number of supporters also showed up to give them morale support.

Among them is Sirawith Serithiwat or Ja New.

Their team of lawyers said they would ask the court to grant them temporary release without bail as the charge they face carries light penalty of 6 month in prison.

However if this was rejected, they have prepared bond bail of 10,000 baht for each activist as bail.

Later, All activists were released without bail by Dusit court at around 1 pm.

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