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Muslim singer warned not to criticize the other religions

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The Chularatchamontri or the Muslim spiritual leader on Wednesday (April 4) warned Muslims against criticizing other religions, saying that such criticism goes against Islamic teachings and may lead to religious conflict in the society.

The warning appears to direct at a Muslim singer, Veerachon “To” Satthaying , a former lead singer of the Silly Fools band, who in his March 30 Facebook talk show programme with another speaker, said Islam does not have statues representing Allah.

The pair went on criticising those who pay respect to sacred images.

In a clip posted on YouTube today (April 4), Sheikul Islam Aziz Phitakkumpon expressed his concern over the conduct of someone “who acted as if he is a religious expert” made criticism against the other religions.

Mr Aziz said that, in fact, Islam forbids criticism against other religions or followers of the other religious faiths.

The Muslim spiritual leader then warned the “religious expert” whom he declined to name to be cautious when making comments on religious affairs which may lead to social conflict.

The spreading of Islam in Thailand must be done with caution and with respect to the other people, he said as he warned academics who made comments on religious affairs via the social media to be cautious and to abide by the Koran teachings “because your words of just a few sentences may lead to loss for Islam and Muslim people in Thailand and lead to division.”

Mr Silpachai Chowcharoenrat, a religious scholar, said there were different perceptions about God characterized in the form of statues or without statues.  He noted that the comment made by Veerachon could provoke conflict.

It was reported that Veerachon and his colleagues would have a meeting with Mr Azia at the Office of Chularatchamontri on April 5. 


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