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Anupong vows to punish local administration officials for graft in garbage truck procurement

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Interior Minister Gen Anupong Paochinda vowed to punish corrupted interior officials after the counter corruption division police have detected corruption in the procurement of garbage trucks by several local administration organisations across the country.

He assured that no leeway would be given to anyone who has done wrong.

He announced that immediate punitive action would be taken against wrong-doers without exemption.

Gen Anupong received reports from the Counter Corruption Division (CCD) of the Royal Thai Police that several local administration organization officials were involved in graft involving the procurement of garbage and sewage trucks.

According to the CCD, they have found 12 local administration offices in 10 provinces involved in graft over the purchase of garbage and sewage trucks.

CCD deputy commissioner Pol Col Chak Phen-sathorn revealed that investigators had discovered wide spread discrepancies involved in the procurement process by these local administration organization officials.

It was discovered that the two companies that won the bids did not meet the requirements set out under the Procurement Act and what was worse was the fact that these officials did not perform the appropriate screening for either.

This strongly indicated collusion by officials favoring the two companies, a direct violation of procurement protocols.

He said further that deeper investigation also showed that the two companies was managed by the same chairman.

Furthermore, every time that bids were organised, five other companies would submit bids but were always rejected. All seven companies are believed to be linked.

He went on to reveal that of the 12 recent local administration organisations, 4 officials were suspected of graft.

He said the CCD will be submitting a report to the National Anti-Corruption Commission within the month so that an official probe can be sanctioned.

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