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Apartment fire on Phetchaburi road kills 3, injures over 60 

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Three people died and over 60 were injured in a predawn fire that broke out at a 14-storey and 180-room apartment building on Phetchaburi road in Bangkok’s Ratchathewi district on Tuesday (April 3).

The fire happened at about 3am on the fifth floor of the Ratchathewi Apartment with over 300 residents on Soi Phetchaburi 18 off Phetchaburi road.

The fire reportedly started in the room where old electrical wires were kept.

It quickly raged to adjacent rooms causing panic among hundreds of occupants who were sleeping and were awakened by the apartment guards.

They ran out of room in panic as fire raged and black smoke began to cover rooms on upper floors.

A dozen of fire trucks were rushed to combat and evacuate many occupants who were stranded on higher floors above the storeroom.

The fire was put under control after three hours of raging from the fifth to the 14th floor.

According to fire fighters, one occupant died in the room on the 12nd floor  and two died at hospital. He was later identified as Methip Rodtim, 46.

Over 60 were  injured, mostly from suffocation.

According to Bangkok governor Aswin Kwanmuang, the building was 30 years old and it’s fire alarming system was outdated.

There were so many injuries from suffocation because the fire raged through  electrical cords, sending black poisonous smoke to blanket the rooms  on higher floors.

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration officials led by the governor Asawin Kwanmuang and civil engineers were at the scene to inspect the damages, and declared the building off limit for safety reasons.

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