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1.6 million methamphetamine pills seized in Lop Buri

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Police seized 1.6 million methamphetamine pills believed belong to a notorious drug baron in the central region in two separate raids in Lop Buri province on Monday.

Acting on a tipoff, police raid a house in Ban Taloong, Lop Buri’s Muang district which was believed to be a safe house to store the drugs reportedly originated from the Wa army in Myanmar. A subsequent search of the house uncovered about one million meth tablets.

The houseowner, 47-year Manas Inyou, was arrested whereas his son, Narispong, who was also suspected to be involved in the drug trade, escaped.

Police later searched a house in Muang district allegedly rented by Krit Wongpan, alias Krit Thahin, a notorious drug baron in the central plains. Over 570,000 meth pills were seized from the house.

Police are still looking for five other suspects, including Krit, involved in the illicit drug trafficking.


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