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Over 40 percent Thais are totally unaware of Thai Niyom Yangyuen programme

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About 41 percent of the Thai people are totally unaware of the Thai Niyom Yangyuen (sustainable development) programme recently launched across the country by the government, according to Nida Poll survey.

The opinion poll centre of the National Institute of Development Administration, better known as Nida Poll surveyed the opinions of 1,250 people aged 18 years up from different walks of life during March 28-29 regarding the Thai Niyom Yangyuen programme versus the Pracha Niyom populist programme of Pheu Thai-led government.

The survey showed that 32.24 percent of the respondents knew and were aware of the Thai Niyom Yangyuen programme while 26.72 percent admitted they heard about the programe but didn’t know what it was all about.

Asked about their expectation from the programme, 38.08 percent of the respondents said they expected the programme would address the economic and social problems on sustainable basis and would help improve the livelihood of the people whereas 33.44 percent said they didn’t have any expectation from the programme.

54.16 percent of the respondents believe the programme will help narrow the gap of inequality and upgrade the quality of life of the people, but 42.16 don’t think the programme will help, saying that it addresses the problems at the end cause.

48.96 percent said they didn’t see any difference between the Thai Niyom Yangyuen and the Pracha Niyom programmes because they are meant to help the grassroot people all the same whereas 43.44 percent said the two programmes are different, noting that Pracha Niyom is superficial and meant for private interests.

The poll also showed that 50.48 percent of the respondents believe that Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha’s “meet the people” field trips to upcountry provinces amounted to electoral canvassing to curry favour from grassroot people ahead of the next election. However, 42.32 percent of the respondents believe the prime minister really meant to see the people, not to seek their votes.

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