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Cold weather will revisit Bangkok and the Northeast during April 8-9

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Bangkok and the northeastern region are likely to experience a brief period of cold weather in the middle of dry season during April 8-9, with temperature expected to drop below 23C in the capital and under 20 C in the Northeast, according to the forecast of the Hydro and Agro Informatics Institute of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Based on its weather simulation model, the HAII predicted that during April 6-7, strong high pressure from China would blanket the upper part of Thailand and, when this cold spell comes into contact with the southern and southeastern winds, it would result in violent summer storm, thunder storm, strong wind, with hail storm in some areas sweeping across the Northeast, the central, eastern and northern regions respectively.

Then on April 8-9, the mercury in the Northeast is expected to drop below 20°C whereas Bangkok will experience cool weather with temperature below 23°C.

HAII said that temporary cold weather in the middle of the dry season in April is quite rare and it occurred in the past once in a long while mainly because of the effect of cold front from China.

Meanwhile, the Thai Meteorological Department warned today (Sunday) that, of thunder storm and strong winds in the northern and central regions, less rainfall in the Northeast but more rains in the South in the next 24 hours.

It also warned of summer storm in most parts of the country except the southern region during April 5-7 as the direct consequence from strong high pressure from China.

For the next 24 hours, Bangkok and its peripherals will be mostly cloudy, with rains expected in 40 percent of the areas.


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