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A Good Samaritan rescues two boys from drowning but he himself drowned

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A 19-year old Good Mamaritan drowned in a klong in Khiri Rat Nikhom district of Surat Thani after he rescued two boys from drowning on Thursday (March 29).

Witnesses said that a group of boys and girls, aged between 8-15, went swimming in Klong Pumduang in Ban Bang Phra, Tambon Yanyao and, out of a sudden, three boys and a girl were swept away by the current and they appeared on the verge of drowning.

Kawin sae Kuo who was taking a rest on the bank of the klong heard the shouts of help and plunged himself into the klong.  He managed to rescue two boys and brought them to safety.

But as he was swimming to rescue the girl, identified only as Rungrada, 10, he went down under the water apparently became weak and was swept away.

Divers from the rescue team which arrived later scoured the klong and managed to pluck Kawin’s body from the bottom of the klong, but they could not locate the girl who went missing and believed drowned.

Another boy from the same group, meanwhile, was rescued by a villager about 100 metres from the spot.

Ms Sopita Chumsang said she saw a boy struggling in the middle of the klong and immediately took a boat to his rescue and managed to pluck him to safety.

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