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Police chief criticizes an officer who complained to PACC about forced contribution for air-cons

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National police chief Chakthip Chaijinda has instructed the commissioner of Metropolitan Police Bureau and the commander of the 2nd division of the MPB to look into the alleged deduction of allowances of junior police officers at Phaholyothin police station to fund the installation of an air-conditioning system at the investigative affairs office of the station.

Pol Gen Chakthip, however, criticised Pol Sgt-Maj Lersak Nonkhunthod, a squad commander of investigative police, who lodged a complaint on the matter to the Public Section Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC).

Pol Sgt-Maj Lersak should have first complained to his immediate superior instead of taking the matter directly to the PACC, the police chief said today (March 29).

Personally, the police chief said that it would be fine if the financial contribution among police officers for the installation of air-conditioning system was voluntary because the investigative affairs office was a common property to be shared by all investigative police officers.

But if the installation of the air-conditioning system was not an urgent matter, he said that the officers who initiated the idea should have formally proposed to their immediate boss to seek funding from the Royal Thai Police.

Pol Maj-Gen Ekkachai Bunvisoot, commander of the 2nd division of the MPB, said yesterday that he had talked with 10 investigative police officers of Phaholyothin police station and was told they voluntarily contributed for the air-conditioning system with the exception of Pol Sgt-Maj Lersak who refused to make contribution and they had discussed the matter before.

He also talked with Pol Maj Chalakorn Pandaeng and Pol Maj Aekkarat O-mark, both investigative inspectors at Phaholyothin police station who initiated the project.

The two officers claimed they didn’t consult with their superintendent because they didn’t want to bother him and they discussed among the investigative officers to pool their money to buy an air-conditioner estimated to cost 33,000 baht.

The two contributed 8,000 baht and the rest were shared by investigative officers.

The two officers also claimed they did not arbitrarily deduct the salaries of their subordinates, but they made cash contributions.

Pol Sgt-Maj Lersak insisted that the fund to install the air-conditioning system should come from the Royal Thai Police, not come from contributions among police officers.

Pol Maj-Gen Ekkachai said Pol Sgr-Maj Lersak’s complaint to the PACC was a non-issue which might stem from the latter’s misunderstanding.  However, he added that he would instruct the station’s superintendent to submit a proposal for a budget for the air-conditioning system which would be used to refund all the contributors.

Meanwhile, Pol Sgt-Maj Lersak insisted to stick to his complaint to the PACC, claiming that the fund to install the air-conditioning system should come from the Royal Thai Police and should not come from contributions among police officers.

He further said that, from now on, he might ask for a transfer out of Phaholyothin police station.

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