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Court dismisses fraud charges against importer of Alpha 6 bomb detectors

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A Thai company which imported Alpha 6 hand-held bomb detectors for sale to the Royal Thai Armed Forces acquitted by the Don Meuang District Court of fraud charges.

The charges were brought against Jackson Electronics (Thailand), the importer of Alpha 6 bomb detectors from Britain-based Compact Company, by the public prosecutor in October last year.

The prosecutor alleged that the defendant duped the Armed Forces Security Centre into buying eight units of the hand-held bomb detectors at a total cost of 10.4 million baht or about 1.3 million baht apiece by exaggerating the efficiency of the devices that they could detect hidden bombs under all conditions.

The company also claimed that device could be recharged by using the static electricity from the handlers of the detectors.

The defendant denied all the charges.

Having considered the evidence of the two parties, the court said that the prosecutor did not have sufficient evidence to prove that the defendant or Jackson Electronics (Thailand) was involved in the production of the catalog showing the specifications and efficiency of the Alpha 6 bomb detectors.

The court said the defendant was merely an importer of the devices and the catalog came from a British company, Compact Co.  The defendant, the court added, was not in a position to know whether the statements in the catalog were true or false.

In 2014, Sam Tree and Joan Tree, the manufacturers of Alpha 6 detector were sentenced to jail by a UK court for selling fake devices.

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