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In depth investigation ordered by PM on pro-election movement

Written by Thailand News

The prime minister has ordered security officials to conduct in depth investigation into the movement of the pro-election groups as he suspected they might have support from certain political parties and they might have ill intentions.

Reaction by Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha came as the pro-election activists held a rally last Saturday calling on the Army to dump the military junta, a new challenge to the regime.

Gen Prayut said he didn’t care much about the group as it comprises same activists who might have other ulterior motive and backed by certain groups of politicians.

He said although there might be people with good intentions among the group, an in depth investigation would be needed if it has link with any political party for holding such activities in defiance of the law.

The prime minister said he didn’t understand what this group of people wanted despite the fact that election law has been passed.

He asked why the group wanted to speed up the election, adding it indicated they have other ulterior

He said people who were affected by their protest were lodging complaints with authorities and he didn’t want to see these student activists dealt with by laws for defiance of rules and laws.

He said if there was protest, counter protest would also emerge as some people also disagreed with the students.

He said even though the order banning political rallies was in force, they still dared to challege it.

He said he could not anticipate what would happen in the future, adding he did mean he was making a threat.

“Many said I talked about thing that has not happened yet. But it starts all over from this,” Gen Prayut said.

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